We’ve known that John Carpenter was returning to the ‘Halloween‘ franchise for the upcoming reboot but have been unsure as to what capacity. However, producer Jason Blum has opened up on one area that he’d love to see Carpenter work on outside of being the film’s Executive Producer that would have fans crawling out of the woodwork to hear if it comes true. Carpenter has written, directed, and scored quite a few films so far and has reached iconic status in the horror community for long delivering a quality experience in all of these areas.

As the Executive Producer and Creative Consultant for the new film when it comes out from Blumhouse Productions it has still been a bit vague in every aspect that he would be helping with. While promoting ‘Incarnate’ with director Brad Peyton, Jason Blum brought was asked about Carpenter’s role and had one fun answer:

“John Carpenter is our executive producer. I also am hoping he’s going to do the music for the movie. The deal isn’t done, but I’m a good negotiator.”

The scores which Carpenter has composed have been able to set the tone for quite a few films and the idea that he may score the new ‘Halloween’ as well is just what we’d all love to hear. While it obviously isn’t set in stone yet, scoring the next film is a job that we all hope to see Carpenter take.

For those who wanted a refresher on that iconic theme you can listen in below:

Do you think that Blum will be able to talk Carpenter into scoring the reboot of ‘Halloween’? Is this a franchise that needs a fresh coat of paint, not had another film, or should they have just returned to the original version or the already rebooted take on Michael Myers? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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