With Hannibal being such a stand out show and with it’s Season 1 release coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on September 24th 2013, it’s no surprise we got a pretty great panel out of it. For fans who just can’t wait until the show’s return,  we’ve got the Comic-Con panel highlight roundup here for you as well as an amazing gag reel at the end which you won’t be able to help but laugh at!

While Mads Mikkelsen (Dr. Hannibal Lecter) wasn’t able to make an appearance the panel did include series creator Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) and executive producers Martha De Laurentis (whose been involved with every Hannibal project in Hollywood) and David Slade.

The panel was so packed that there wasn’t even open standing room when it began. Pure testament to how amazing this show has been! For those wanting to see if that couldn’t get in (or weren’t at Comic-Con) we are fortunate that the panel is now online to see ! So what did we all miss? We get some fun information on how Season 1 came together and there were a lot of food and eating references. Most importantly though, we’ve got some Season 2 information!

Highlights from the panel

  • Final smirk of the last episode relates to the the initial meeting between the two where Will was timed. The smirk is due to the fact that Hannibal, after a long game between the two, has captured Will.
  • After having been attached to Hannibal in every form Hollywood has put out so far, Martha really wanted to really focus on what happened prior to Red Dragon.
  • When writing the show, the tone and scenes were fully was inspired by Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch. If you think about the show in that respect and it makes perfect sense.
  • While Anthony Hopkins always had trouble stepping back from his role in Hannibal, Hugh Dancy is able to step back from playing Will by just having a beer! (Let’s see how many he’s up to when the show runs it’s course!)
  • The cast may potentially be signing on for up to 7 years? Could it be hinting that we’ll see the entire book franchise spread across in television format? OH PLEASE SAY THAT’S THE CASE! More on that at the end of the highlights.
  • Interestingly enough, the only time the network ever complained about something that was shown on screen was in ‘Coquilles’ where the objection had nothing to do with the violence or gore. It had to do with the fact that two of the victims butt cracks were exposed. Covering them with blood solved the complaint! Who cares about violence we just can’t have any kind of nudity on screen.
  • Season 2: Working on the season has started and the entire arc has been crafted!
  • Season 2: With Will Graham hitting rock bottom we see him having nothing left to lose and he’ll be on a new course this season.
  • Season 2: First episode is a two-parter and the dynamic of the show will change as Will Graham now knows who and what Hannibal is with no one believing him. Also it will take place several months after the Season 1 finale.
  • Season 2: The third episode will involve a courtroom trial. Will’s? A case he was working on? We’ll have to wait to see.
  • Season 2: They are putting Will Graham in the roll of the future Hannibal Lecter where he’s in prison and people are going to him for help on cases.
  • Long term spoiler: The events in Red Dragon will be in a future season and the real ending of that book will be put into the series which hasn’t been done on screen yet

And for your viewing entertainment… The Hannibal Season 1 Gag Reel!

The Hannibal 2013 Comic-Con Panel


I’m clearly a huge fan of the show. How about you though, are you ready for season 2? Want the show to run 7 seasons as much as I do? Sound off below!

Source: Blastr