“The Queen was terrified and offered
The little man all the riches of the kingdom, if only he would leave the
Newborn child alone.”

The law of sacrifice: in order for us to gain, we must first be willing to lose, or give something up. Sometimes we charge head on, despite the tribute required, other times not. But what happens when we are faced with the harshest of choices where we must give up our hearts for our children?

Momma Grimm plays a major role in things to come

The game starts off right where last week’s ‘Grimm’ left off. Renard is marveling at this new little person—his daughter—while Adalind watches. She fills him in on the last few days when Nick arrives. Renard lays down the law, promising bad things if he tries to take the baby but the detective drops some harsh logic on the new parents. It won’t take long for Viktor and his henchmen to locate the baby. “The best chance you and your baby have right now,” he tells Adalind and his Captain, “is to work together.” His point made, Nick leaves but his mother’s waiting outside and tells him about the two men sneaking into the building, orders on eliminating Renard and Adalind while taking the baby for Viktor. These two Verrat are taking orders from Stewart, an FBI agent under the thumb of Rispaldi, the new head of the Verrat. Nick knows they don’t have much time and he calls Renard to give him the heads up while he and his mom take opposite paths back upstairs. A quick gunfight ensues and the two Grimm erase the two Verrat from the board. But that’s a stop-gap; they need a more concrete plan and some place safe to develop said plans. Where to go, where to go…

Congratulations, Rosalee and Monroe! The soon-to-be married couple gets the call from Nick, requesting their place be used as a temporary safe haven for Adalind and the baby. When the gang arrives, Rosalee gets Adalind set up while Kelly (Momma Grimm) has a heart-to-heart with Renard. She knows things are only going to get worse and the two come to an uneasy understanding on what they both may need to sacrifice for the good of the baby.

Nick, Kelly, and Renard get together and do some digging on Agent Stewart. They pay him a visit and get him to drop a dime on Rispaldi and Viktor coming to town. Instead of killing him, they give Stewart a message: tell Viktor of the baby’s location. It seems too easy but Stewart really doesn’t have a choice; it’s that or be brought up on charges of attempted murder. While he’s off to the airport to meet Viktor’s flight, Nick fills Hank in on the cornucopia of information and, despite his head spinning, he’s ready to help.

At Monroe’s the baby’s doing baby things—mainly crying—while also doing non-baby stuff, such as messing with all the clocks while Adalind tries soothing her. She keeps up with the howling until Kelly sneaks in from the back. Curious…

At the airport, Stewart gives the information to Viktor who sees it for the trap it is and decides to head to the precinct, unaware of Hank’s surveillance. He arrives at the station and speaks to Renard. “You’re not getting my child,” he tells the Royale but Viktor is unfazed. “The child belongs with the family,” he replies. “Especially this child.” He’s serious about acquiring the baby, threating to kill Adalind, Renard and Renard’s mother if his demands aren’t met. When he leaves, Nick asks the Captain if he’s ready to go through with it and Renard gives the order to “make the arrest.” When the police arrive at Monroe’s and charge Kelly with the murder of Catherine Schade, Adalind is just as shocked as everyone else. Renard calls her down to the station. She’ll need to make a statement re: her whereabouts during her mom’s death. He keeps watch of the baby and, before she leaves the room, she tells him “I thought of a name…Diana.” Renard smiles; “Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon,” he murmurs and Adalind makes her way to the interrogation room.

Adalind’s cries of pain at losing her baby

She’s surprised to see Kelly there. The Grimm wants to speak with her about killing her mother but it’s a stall tactic. “I had to give up my son for who I was,” she says. “Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most.” Those few words strike at Adalind’s heart and she rushes out to search for her baby but it’s too late. Renard’s already handed Diana over to Viktor. He tells her it’s for the best but Adalind only feels the emptiness in her heart, an emptiness only Diana’s return can fill.

Satisfied at having the prize, Viktor and Rispaldi are on their way to the airport. Diana’s eyes glow purple, signifying her magical abilities and she does just that, creating the haunting shape of a skull by drawing out coffee from a cup lodged in the door. Viktor gets the biggest of surprises when he arrives at the plane. Several figures clad in black and identifying themselves as members of the Resistance, removes Diana from Viktor’s care before driving away. But it’s not the Resistance but Nick and the gang following through with the rest of their plan. Renard’s still having a tough time with it and Kelly tells him not unkindly that “It has to be done.” Our last image is of Kelly driving along the country with lil Diana as her co-pilot, headed for parts unknown.

Grimm Times

  • From the beginning, Kelly has had a special connection with Diana, a connection that’s yet to be explored. Is it because she’s a mother and understands sacrifice or does it go beyond that? Has Diana chosen the Grimm as her protector, understanding Kelly’s importance in how things will play out? For viewers, the question becomes will we see the Grimm and her little charge before the season ends?
  • Losing her baby in such a fashion, despite the reasoning behind it, will have Adalind’s head spinning. Will she maintain her composure and stay on the side of good or will she move heaven and earth to find Diana and strike down anyone who gets in her way?