‘Arrow’ made an appearance at this year’s Comic-Con and brought with them tons of spoilers and a  teaser for those in attendance.

The show is finally joining the big leagues in Season 2 as the vigilante will finally come around to wearing the Green Arrow mantle that fans have been clamoring for since the series began. Anyone who has followed the comic aren’t going to leave this post sad since there is a LOT coming in the near future.

I warn you… Spoilers lie ahead. Massive spoilers.

First up, one of DC Universe’s most popular heroines AND Oliver Queen’s greatest love of all time is going to be making appearance – Black Canary. She makes a noticeable appearance in the trailer for Season 2. That’s not all though!

On top of Black Canary, we’re also going to be seeing that Brother Blood will be showing up and have a roll in the second season. Blood Brother (played by Kevin Alejandro of ‘True Blood’) is a New Teen Titans villain. In the show we’ll see him start as Sebastian Blood at first. He’ll be a politician that is working against Oliver Queen because he claims the Queen Family is responsible for the earthquakes that devastated the city at the end of Season 1.

On top of this, they are also going to have the Bronze Tiger show up. The character will be played by Michael Jai White (‘Black Dynamite’). Bronze Tiger is a member of both the Suicide Squad (which falls squarely in the Green Arrow Universe) and R’as Al Ghul’s League of Assassins which gives an in for some things Batman related. He’ll be forming an alliance with returning villain China White (Kelly Hu).

Speaking of ‘Arrow’s’ Comic-Con’s Season 2 trailer let’s take a look at it, shall we?

For those of you who don’t feel like watching this one (or can’t from being at work) here are the highlights.

  • Black Canary Shows Up! Also Roy gets a good look at her
  • Oliver is sick of being called The Hood. (Maybe he should be called Green Arrow instead?)
  • Fan favorite Summer Glau tries to threaten Oliver and crew
  • Starling City has been without The Hood for awhile
  • Felicity’s lair has been upgraded and wow does it look amazing
  • Holy make out sessions

The most random thing about the panel, though, consisted of Stephen Amell’s response to choose one word to describe the script of Season 2’s premiere.

That answer? “Trees

What? “When you see the season premiere, that will make perfect sense..”

Are you ready for a second season into DC’s Arrow? Are you ready for him to become Green Arrow? Sound off below!


Source: Hollywood Reporter