Saturday is definitely the busiest day of Comic-Con, and while that can mean ridiculous crowds, long lines, and full panels, it also means the coolest exclusive stories break, the best panels and signings are available, and more people than ever are cosplaying in the crowded halls. One of my favorite things to see, besides spot-on impressions of a favorite character, is something that’s been given a new spin, mash-up, or adaptation of a meme. Below you’ll find deadmau5pool, Hipster Ariel, and a healthy dose of gender-bending characters, but it’s all in the name of creativity and bringing a great idea to life.

Is the most successful cosplay one where the player is passionate and meticulous about becoming a character they love, or is it better to cosplay as someone who already looks a lot like the cosplayer, even if it’s not their favorite character from a series?