A momentous announcement was made earlier this year that renowned writer Neil Gaiman would be coming back to Marvel Comics. While that news itself was pretty awesome, that wasn’t the only comic book icon that would be coming to the House of Ideas before the end of the year. Along with the writer came Angela, a character who was created by Gaiman and Todd McFarlane for the ‘Spawn’ comics in the 90s. After a lengthy legal battle over the rights of the flame-haired, sword-wielding bounty hunter, the two sides came to some sort of agreement that now allows her to be the newest addition to the Marvel Universe.

Now, after appearing momentarily in ‘Age of Ultron’ #10 during the status quo-shattering finale of the limited series, Angela is preparing for her next engagement in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #5, an issue that is written by Bendis with art by Sara Pichelli and completely overseen by Gaiman. In anticipation for her first appearance in an ongoing Marvel series, Marvel.com spoke with McFarlane about his co-creation Angela and his endorsement of his one-time collaborator:

“Good stories and good characters are the backbone to our comic book industry. I believe the Angela character can be one of those characters. Neil Gaiman has proven himself to be a much sought after author and I am sure he will bring some of his ‘magic’ to this character, whether it be as the actual writer himself or through his ‘Gaiman guidance;’ readers should be in for quite a ride.”

I’m glad that there’s no animosity between the two comic icons anymore, but McFarlane has just as much to do with how Angela turned out. Marvel exec Dan Buckley chimed in by praising the Image Comics co-founder for his contributions to the character:

“Todd’s prescient creativity has always propelled him a couple of steps ahead of the pack. The fact that Angela can step right into the Marvel Universe at such a critical time and command such a crucial presence is testament to what he and Neil collaborated on all those years ago.”

For fans who are anxious to see more of Angela in the pages of Marvel Comics, the article also featured a piece of preview art from her first issue of ‘Guardians’ by Pichelli, which you can check out below:

What do you think about Todd McFarlane’s comments about Angela and Neil Gaiman being included in the new status quo of the Marvel Universe? Are you excited for the character to make her debut in an ongoing series later this month? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #5 featuring the first appearance of Angela hits shelves at your local comic book shops on July 31, 2013.