Ah, the perils of dating. Just a simple walk through a parking lot with your date can get you in all sorts of predicaments… like being confronted by a group of thugs led by a well-suited man. What’s a woman to do? Well, if your name is Diana, you do want comes naturally with a little help of some jewelry. Such is the case in this short film titled ‘First Impressions’.

The short has a very CW-esque feel to it and hopefully the producers who are working on the small screen version of ‘Wonder Woman’ for the network will take notes. After watching the video, this can easily be seen as a show that could follow ‘Arrow‘.

‘First Impressions’ stars Hailey Bright as Diana and Chester See as her date. If the head villain looks very familiar, that’s because he’s Doug Jones who’s currently starring in ‘Falling Skies’ as Conchise. He’s also well known in the genre for playing such roles as Abe Sapien in ‘Hellboy’, Roger North in ‘John Dies at the End’ and the Silver Surfer in ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’.

The short was directed by Leo Kei Angelos who co-wrote the film with producer George H. Ruiz. Most impressive were the fight scenes which were performed by members of the Thousand Pounds Action Company. Kudos to stunt coordinator Darren Bailey and choreographers Vonzell Carter, Alvin Hsing and Bendon Huor (who were also the thugs) for a pretty impressive fight sequence.

The rise in talent among independent filmmakers is amazing and Hollywood has been known to snatch up short films and make them into features. Just look at what is happening to the short films ‘Archetype‘ and ‘R’ha’. Hopefully someone at Warner Bros. is taking notice because a Wonder Woman film is long overdue.

Check out ‘First Impressions’ below and let us know what you think.