If the latest image released yesterday didn’t give you an indication that this season’s ‘Doctor Who’ was going to be explosive, then the newest trailer will! Last night, the BBC released their second trailer for Season 7 of ‘Doctor Who.’

While the first trailer focused on the third episode (which happens to be the Western themed ‘A Town Called Mercy’), this new trailer contains scenes from all 5 episodes that will be aired this year (sorry, everyone, but there is no footage of the new companion, Clara, here).

Season 7 will begin with the episode ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ and when showrunner Steven Moffat announced that all the Daleks through the Doctor Who history would be appearing this season, he wasn’t exaggerating! Also included is the footage of the Doctor carrying Amy Pond as seen in the promo picture that was released yesterday.

Following ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ will be the episode ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.’ I think the title says it all.

Episode 3 will bring the Doctor and his companions to the old West followed by the episode called ‘Cubed’ and the final battle between the Weeping Angels and the Ponds will occur in New York in the episode called ‘Bye Bye Pond.’

Weeping Angels, dinosaurs, alien cowboys, explosions, Daleks and of course, a lot of running. What more can you want in trailer? We were promised blockbuster episodes this season and the trailer proves they weren’t kidding. I guess there’s nothing left to say except, “Geronimo!”

‘Doctor Who’ New Season Fall 2012 Trailer: