Misha Collins’ status as Castiel on ‘Supernatural’ has fluctuated over several seasons.  He’s been a series “regular” (meaning he was considered part of the core cast) for three seasons, but originated as a recurring (guest) role and was actually dropped back to that status in Seasons Seven and Eight.  He was bumped back to regular status for this current season which wraps up next week.

Of course, that’s about all that’s been revealed.  (To be fair, they probably haven’t begun mapping out Season 10 yet.)  Supervising producer Andrew Dabb revealed, “He is part of the mythology as he has been in seasons past for us.  As far as next season goes, look, we love Misha. Misha’s awesome. I have a hard time imagining the show without him.”

Considering that Cas has gone through all kinds of iterations on the show, what can fans expect for the tenth season?  Lately, we’ve been seeing a more proactive Cas rallying the rebel angels and accepting his leadership role.  Will that continue to be the character’s trajectory going forward?  Er, well Collins has a unique perspective:

 “I don’t know what is left other than cross-dressing Cas. He’s been crazy, he’s been megalomaniacal, he’s been contrite, he’s been self-loathing, he’s been whimsical, he’s been human, he’s been a leviathan.  I think that there’s enough here that if they wanted to go back down any of those roads, there’s plenty to mine. But he has not done cross-dressing yet, so that is a pretty wide-open field right there!”

Then again, we may be getting ahead of ourselves.  There are still two more episodes, including the sure-to-be-epic finale.  What can fans expect from that big blow-out?  Showrunner Jeremy Carver revealed, “All bets are off when Sam, Dean and Castiel take the fight to Metatron.  Uneasy alliances and brutal choices await…all culminating in shocking consequences.”

Well… at least we know Cas lives.  And presumably Sam and Dean, but that’s probably all that’s guaranteed.

What direction should the producers and writers take Castiel next season?  Sound off below in the comments section.

Source: E!