The classic zombie George A. Romero film ‘Day of The Dead’  may be getting an unwanted face-lift.

Millennium Films producers, Lait Gromban and Christa Campbell are slated to combine forces with Taurus Entertainment to reboot (if you can call it that) the third installment of Romero’s 1985 gore fest. While these soul-sucking producers promise to keep to the original roots of the zombies (slow and pack like), it would be safe to say that watching this movie will be like being ripped apart by an actual zombie.

Now, why the harsh reaction you ask? Well you may remember these producers from their previous film,  ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’. Oh BOY. Not only was that the worst movie of the Millennium (pun intended) they’re going to take another classic and BUTCHER IT. Why can’t they leave well enough alone? Haven’t they done enough damage to movie goers? I feel like I’m still recovering from that festering turd of a movie from six months ago.

While I appreciate they are keeping the zombies the same as in Romero’s original, chances are that’s the only thing they’ll keep intact. Who knows, by the time this thing is over,  a zombie wet tee shirt contest could be taking place and based on past experiences with these guys, that’s probably not the only thing waiting in the midst for this film. True, the original was one of the more ‘campy’ type zombie films, but bet your bottom dollar, die hard fans are going to be disappointed with anything less than the original.

The film is budgeted at $10 – 20 million. Let’s hope most of it goes to plot development and a decent script as opposed to belly-tops and ridiculously horrible acting and equally terrible story line.  Film will release sometime in 2014. OH JOY.