Things have been… well, let’s face it, a bit aggravatingly slow in The Walking Dead comic book.  Several nifty new supporting characters have popped up, like Ezekial (and his tiger), Jesus and Brianna, but… I mean, do I need to remind everyone that in issue #100, the new villain Negan brutally murdered founding cast member Glenn and is still running around?!  Things are ramping up for the upcoming bi-weekly storyline, and it looks like this week’s issue will start pushing the series in that direction.  Below are the first four pages of issue #112.  Check them out!

Uh oh!  What will happen to Doctor Denise Cloyd, the cast’s medical expert now that she’s stumbled upon the fact that Negan murdered (that treacherous wimp) Spencer?  Or to Negan, once Rick and his crew arrive at Alexandria with Negan and his crew inside, trying to score a pool table?  (Nothing.)  Are things finally about to start paying off?  Is the stuff about to hit the fan?  Here’s hoping!  This dramatic series has been dragging lately.  Here’s hoping this nail biting series returns to its former “must read” status soon!

Are you excited?  How do you think the large cast will align themselves?  Please comment below!