Comic-Con International is all about bringing together creators of comics and the fans that love them. While it’s clearly expanded quite a bit beyond that at this point, that has always been one of its base premises. This year, ComiXology and The Hero Initiative want to do a little bit of extra good. They want to throw a charity event for heroes in their own right and have entitled it “The Blank Page Project.”

So what’s The Blank Page Project going to be about exactly? It’s a two-hour charity event that will be celebrating comic book creators. Not only that, but it’s one that fans can join in as they watch the creators fill out a giant 12 foot by 8 foot comic page that will be auctioned off down the line. The event itself will be hosted by Jimmy Palmiotti (‘What If? Avengers vs. X-Men’, ‘Painkiller Jane’) and Amanda Conner (‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Powergirl’).

While the full list of artists who will be in attendance has not yet been revealed, we do have names of three of the more well known creators that will be showing off their skills and be available to chat with the public. The Hero Initiative has gotten commitments from Dave Gibbons (‘Watchmen’), Denny” O’Neil (‘Green Lantern’, ‘Green Arrow’, ‘Batman’), Bill Morrison (‘The Simpsons’). A nice diverse group of artists to enjoy and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Blank Page Project is being held to help support the creators of comic books who, without them, we wouldn’t have comics to enjoy. Comic creators are in the same position as the rest of us and can find themselves down on their luck. If you are looking to help give back to the community that gives us so many worlds to explore and have a chance to meet some of the creators in person, then this is a must attend event!

If you are attending Comic-Con,  The Blank Page Project will be taking place on Thursday, July 18th from 5 to 7pm outside the Vela restaurant at the back of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel.