Though not as overt as Marvel’s “post-credit” sequences which tease future movie plots, director Zach Snyder still seemed to have an eye on an expanded DC movie Universe while crafting Man of Steel.  Eagle-eyed fans spotted (and heard) several Easter Eggs that referenced Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne as well as possible clues involving Aquaman and Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire/Green Lantern’s love interest).

Now an especially keen observer seems to spotted a possible cameo by the beloved Superman of the 70s-80s Christopher Reeve, who inspired thousands after suffering paralysis in 1995 before passing away in 2004.  It appears that when Henry Cavill’s Superman is pushing upward through Zod’s energy beam during the final battle sequence, for a brief second, his face morphs into that of Reeve.  Observe this GIF below:

Hmmmm… what do you think?  It certainly looks like Reeve for a split second, but perhaps that’s simply because Cavill resembles Reeve.  They are, after all, playing the same character, so they must share some physical resemblance.

What do you think?  CGI Reeve homage or just a trick of the light?  Sound off below!