This is a tad misleading.  Honestly, this is the next issue of Captain Marvel, just packaged as an Avengers crossover.  Which could be a good thing, seeing as Marvel’s solo female-led books aren’t selling near what DC’s are.  Captain Marvel is a fascinating character and this issue not only spotlights her, but helps showcase her friendship with Spider-Woman, with some of the sharpest dialogue I’ve read in a while.  One of Carol’s supporting cast members, “Grandma Rose” has gone missing after Captain Marvel #12 and Carol is determined to find her, while Spider-Woman is assigned by The Avengers to keep an eye on her, to ensure she doesn’t fly, as that causes harm to a lesion on her brain.  It quickly becomes clear that the people closest to Carol are being targeted so she, Jess and Thor must do whatever they can to protect those individuals.  Lady wrestlers and dinosaurs also factor in.  I mean, doesn’t that make you want to read it, just based on that?

Scott Hepburn’s art is a bit inconsistent, but it fits with the style of Carol’s regular book.  There is some weakness, but the strengths outweigh them.  His facial expressions are priceless and the fluidity of his work is magnificent.

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s dialogue is among the best in the business.  It’s honest, real and funny.  I’m not sure that the plot is that accessible to someone who hasn’t been reading Carol’s ongoing series, though.  Also, if someone was a fan of Carol’s book, but wasn’t following other Avengers books, they might miss this issue, which would be a shame.

My main reaction to this issue was sadness that such fantastic characters as Carol Danvers and Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew aren’t part of the movie universe.  They’re captivating, fully-formed characters and most people are missing out by not reading their comic adventures.  I definitely recommend this issue, but if you haven’t followed Captain Marvel, you might need to grab the past three issues to get up to speed.


Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Scott Hepburn
Cover by Joe Quinones