Everyone has their lists of shows they want to bring back, especially now that Arrested Development has been given a second chance on Netflix, and this is despite the CEO of Netflix, Sarandos, writing off most science-fiction/fantasy shows off as not having a big enough fanbase, even foolishingly including Firefly in that grouping.

People are still trying. And in this weeks news of people who are trying, it’s Rob Bolivar (a Star Trek writer who’s only story credits are from the very funny DS9 episode, “Body Parts”) and Doug Drexler (the designer of the The Enterprise NX-01). Their campaign? To encourage Netflix and Paramount to make a deal that will bring us the fifth season of Enterprise.

Now, I imagine a lot of you fans are feeling a bit taken aback by this. “Of all the series out there, Enterprise?” you think to yourself. “I mean, it didn’t end gracefully, but it did end.”

It’s not uncommon for one series of Star Trek to maligned by fans of the other series, but I’m fairly certain that none is more abused than Star Trek: Enterprise, which is often credited –unfairly, in my opinion– with the death of the Star Trek television franchise.

It’s hard to pick and choose where Enterprise went wrong with the myriad of fan complaints, though it commonly comes down to it’s disregard for established Star Trek canon, and a third season that didn’t fit a standard Star Trek episodic pattern.

The interesting thing about Enterprise, though, is that since Netflix came along, it’s garnered more fans than it ever had during its initial run. Unfortunately, without access to Netflix ratings like we do with Nielsens, it’s hard to figure exactly how much of this growth in Enterprise fans is anecdotal and how much of it is real.

Still, with nearly 9,000 likes on their official facebook page which has been available since March 26th, 2013, it seems time will only tell if this will be in cards.  They are definitely running an effective social media campaign, so who knows? Maybe there will be some Star Trek: Enterprise in our future, though this seems doubtful with talks of a brand new series dominating the rumor mill.

We shall just have to see.