If you’ve been watching television, you know that it’s not really anything new to see companies cashing in on the new Star Trek franchise. The famously mediocre Acer computers and esurance.com being at the top of that list. And now, we have a new one to add!

If you’re not really sure if Bing is good for anything, especially after the scandal that it was using Google’s search results as their own anyway, it finally now has a positive side.  As of Tuesday, May 15, Bing’s translator will feature Klingon.

So I decided to test it out.

When I typed in:

I wonder if this translator will work.

 I got this:

I think it’s safe to say that a few bugs will need to be worked out before we start using it to help broker Intergalactic peace.

Still, if you have any doubts about this being a real language, there are classes in Klingon, books translated into Klingon, and the man who helped with this project, Eric Andeen, is fluent in the language. Perhaps it is finally time to have an online translator for it. And who knows? Maybe what will be next is an elven language from the Tolkien books just in time for the new ‘Hobbit’ installment!

If you’re curious, you can try out the translator for yourself here.