News from Fox’s ‘New Mutants‘ has been a little quiet lately but we’ve got some exciting new today as both Anya Taylor-Joy (‘Split’,’The Witch’) and Maisie Williams (‘Game of Thrones’,’iBoy’) have just joined the cast! Josh Boone is pulling in some great talent to direct the film based off of the script which he co-wrote with Knate Gwaltney and while I’ve always been a fan of the ‘New Mutants’ comic this is the first major news that has me eager to see more about the film. Pre-production has been going a bit slow at least for those of us on the outside looking in, and these casting choices aren’t just welcome news but great choices as well! These two actresses are full of talent and will be bringing a lot to the table when they appear on screen.

With filming set to begin in early July, I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a few more big announcements shortly as to who will be suiting up for Xavier’s next dream team.

Taylor-Joy is set to play Magik who has powers over magic and an ability to travel. While a strong character in her own right these days it should be noted that in the comics, Magik is Colossus’ sister. Ideally, this would include a quick cameo and increase the chances of crossovers with the ‘Deadpool’ franchise down the line.

Williams, though, is probably the more interesting casting choice as she is set to play Wolfsbane. A highly Scottish religious young woman, Wolfbane has to deal with the fact that her power turns her into a wolf and the abilities she hs in that form.

Rumor has it the New Mutant team members will include Native American Danielle Moonstar, the Brazilian ladies man Sunspot (which will be interesting as he was briefly rumored to appear at the end of ‘Deadpool 2’ as a setup to ‘X-Force’ before writer Rhett Reese shot it down), a Kentuckian code-named Cannonball, and an alien named Warlock who will more than likely be primarily filmed with motion capture CGI.

One bonus for the producers is that they are trying to be entirely correct on the diverse ethnicity of these characters. This is a great move on their part with the constant complaints about white washing in Hollywood these days, especially when there is so much available talent to fill these roles.

The more that we’ve been learning about the film, the more it sounds like Boone is on the right track.

Are you excited for the first major casting details from ‘New Mutants’? Who would you like to see play the other parts of the film? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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