Last year, Fox was rushing to get a reboot of ‘Daredevil’ up and running before the film rights reverted back to Marvel. David Slade had been attached to direct the project for some time with a script from David James Kelly based on the ‘Born Again’ storyline from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, but as the October 10, 2012 deadline rapidly approached, the director decided to jump ship, leaving the Man Without Fear in the hands of Joe Carnahan, who had a pretty dark and gritty approach to the character. After the changing of the guard, there was even talks of getting an extension from Marvel by proposing a character exchange, but in the end, Fox just let the time run out. At that point, it was assumed that Daredevil had returned to the Marvel stable of characters controlled by Disney, but no official confirmation was given from the proper channels. However, it seems like Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has cleared things up.

According to Newsarama, while appearing at an ‘Iron Man 3’ press junket earlier this week, Feige confirmed that Matt Murdock is back in the family. When asked outright about the reacquisition of Daredevil by Marvel Studios, the studio head replied, “To Daredevil? Yes.” Feige wouldn’t continue to comment on plans for the character or any indication as to when we’ll see him next, but we now know for sure that the blind hero from Hell’s Kitchen is free to drop by Stark Tower to visit Iron Man or hit up Captain America and Nick Fury on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier.

The last time we saw Daredevil on screen, he was portrayed by Ben Affleck in the 2003 film directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Many consider this movie to be pretty bad, but considering some of the other things that Fox has put out with the Marvel name attached to it, ‘Daredevil’ wasn’t so bad. In fact, the director’s cut wasn’t even bad. Regardless, whether you liked that film or not, Disney and Marvel Studios now have their hands on the character, so he’ll be getting a whole new beginning in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at one point or another.

Until we get any indication as to when we’ll be seeing Daredevil on the big screen again, who do you think should helm the reboot? And who could star as the Man Without Fear? Speculate away in the comments.