I’m pretty sure that fans of ‘Deadpool‘ were dying of laughter while watching the latest trailer for ‘Deadpool 2’ which finally showed off Cable and now this sequence has been recreated in LEGO! That’s right folks, Huxley Berg Studios is back again for another superhero spoof and this time we’ve got our favorite Fox superhero getting the LEGO trailer treatment.

I’ll be honest for a second; I wasn’t expecting this to be as good as it was. Just wait until you get to the part where they had unfinished CGI in the original trailer! Before that, here’s the spoofy synopsis they gave the video:

“After 11 years selling Shasta Cola, Wade Wilson and his X-wife, Cable, join forces to sell
a new type of soda pop. Their pathetic juice is called The Liefeld Liquid. Sales skyrocket
making the new business partners rich! But trouble arises when the public finds out that
their beverage is contaminated with the gorilla flu. Now the duo must learn to love each
other in the most desperate of times. Will they succeed? Find out this week on Total…
Drama… Island!”

Clearly, they used up all of their creativity on the following trailer and have just lost their minds. I can respect that! Let’s take a peek at what they put together below:



Okay, I seriously loved the giant LEGO Deadpool playing with the smaller LEGO toys. I was hoping that they’d go that route and am so glad that they did! They pulled it off pretty perfectly if I do say so myself. I’m pretty sure that Ryan Reynolds should get a kick out of this one as well!

What trailer do you hope Huxley Berg Studios is thinking about tackling next? Were you as entertained by this as much as the original trailer? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Deadpool 2’ will open in theaters on May 18.