Apollo and the other children of Zeus refuse to give up their quest, believing that Zola’s child will indeed murder one of them and seize his throne.  (Myself, I think that’s a misdirection.  Someone will seize a throne, not necessarily that of Olympus.)  In London while shopping, Zola asks the rest of Wonder Woman’s “family” of supporting players including a now-mortal Hera, Lennox, Orion and Ares, what she should name her recovered baby.  Ares himself is somewhat bewildered at how well everyone present gets along, but one person decides it’s time to move on.  Then after a face-off, Diana decides it’s time for someone else to move on.

Elsewhere, Zeus’ first demigod child confronts Poseidon and they must strike a bargain.

This was a quieter issue, after the last capped the first year and a half’s storyline, but obviously some threads continue from that.  Writer Brian Azzarello takes advantage of the slower pace to further develop the cast’s personalities with some amusing dialogue, while setting up the next arc, which unfortunately seems exactly like the last one, with the gods going after Zola’s baby.

The art is solid this time.  Last issue was a bit rough, but this time I thought it was fine.  I loved Diana’s white pea coat during the shopping expedition.  There are also some cute subtleties, for instance a woman is checking Orion out as he peruses produce.

Not a lot happened, in terms of story, but it helped set up the next arc.  Unfortunately for me, the next arc is basically the same as the previous, which I didn’t care for.  But I suppose things have been worse.  The dialogue is fun and the art was nice enough.


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Goran Sudzuka and Tony Akins
Cover by Cliff Chiang