Currently, Otto Octavius is dealing with a lot of things in the pages of ‘Superior Spider-Man’. In the last issue, he had to deal with Ultron and his drones, who have managed to take over the world, but with little success. Before that, he started to get on a few people’s radars after becoming increasingly aggressive when dealing with his foes, including his teammates in the Avengers. But coming up in issue nine, it looks he’ll have to deal with himself!

Comic Book Movie has an unlettered preview of ‘Superior Spider-Man’ #9, which boasts the tagline, “SUPERIOR NO MORE!”. Judging by the cover, it looks like the former Doc Ock has figured out that Peter Parker still inhabits his brain and he’s looking to do something about it.

Here’s what Marvel has to say about the upcoming issue:

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Superior Spider-Man #9, from the chart-topping creative team of writer Dan Slott and artist Ryan Stegman! The End is here, “ SUPERIOR NO MORE!” The hottest comic in the industry hits its boiling point as Slott and Stegman take Superior Spider-Man to places you never even thought possible! Thought you were shocked at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #700? Thought there was no possible way to change the Spider-Man mythos any further? THINK AGAIN!

The time has come to see who will live, who will die, and who will emerge as the true Superior Spider-Man! Dan Slott & Ryan Stegman craft a story no one will forget in ‘Superior Spider-Man’ #9!

Now, here are the preview pages:

Well, I knew that Octo-Pete would come to an end eventually, but I never thought that it would be so soon. ‘Superior Spider-Man’ #1 only came out in January, so teasing the end so soon seems a little off to me. But we’ll see what actually happens. After all, I didn’t exactly see what happened in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700 coming when I got to the last page, so Dan Slott could surprise his audience yet again come May.

What do you think about getting rid of Otto Octavius as Spider-Man so soon? How do you think he’s doing so far while Peter Parker is… let’s say, “indisposed”? Let us know in the comments below.