Did the ‘Walking Dead’ season finale leave a zombie-shaped hole in your heart? Luckily, for fans, the off season is a time to catch scraps of news of upcoming seasons from the production team.

TV Line has just confirmed a casting call for a series regular with the name of “Roy Stark.” Unless AMC is teaming up with HBO to cross-promote a long-lost member of the Winterfell Stark family of ‘Game of Thrones,’ this name could be a pseudonym to keep fan speculations at bay as to who is actually being cast.

Actor Lew Temple confirmed in an unrelated interview that showrunners use fake names, admitting that upon recieving his call sheet on the first day of filming, neither “Andrew Lincoln” nor “Rick Grimes” were listed anywhere. He thought his agents had been misled and he was actually shooting a webisode for the series, and was happily surprised to learn that wasn’t the case.

So, who is Roy Stark? As TV Line reports, the character is a former army medic and loner with a haunted past. Fans of the comic may bite their nails in anticipation that this is actually Sgt. Abraham Ford, gruff but loyal companion to Rick. As this last season taught us, Rick is ever in need of trustworthy partners in leadership.

A few people have speculated that this is slightly minor character Bob Stookey, who was also an army medic and joined the Woodbury crew after the apocalypse broke out. Bob is an alcoholic and all-around unlikeable character, but as anyone who’s read the comic and watches the series can tell you, characters can be completely different in the televised version. And who doesn’t need an extra medic around in the end of days?

Finally, he could always be a completely new character, like series favorite Daryl and his recently deceased, chaotic-good brother Merle, who taught us it’s okay to have a drinking (and possibly crystal meth?) problem in the apocalypse if you go down fighting.

Who do you think “Roy Stark” is? Sound off in the comments below with your guesses and give a shot at which actor you think would portray him best!