Hey there Dead-Heads! Do any of you know what the word filler means? How about disappointment? Well for those of you lucky enough to go to elementary school, I’d say it’s safe to assume we’re all on the same page here. In this week’s recap of ‘The Walking Dead: Prey’, we, the lucky viewers, got to feast our eyes on a whole-lotta, well, NADA.

There were plenty of smirks and smugness (ugh Andrea!) but what there wasn’t plenty of was actual plot development or action. Not to mention there were so many I-almost-killed-you/them/him/her/yo mama moments I wanted to puke. We get it. The Governor has to live as there are still two episodes left before this painfully slow season is over.

We open with a Michonne and Andrea flashback and a very very small glimpse into Michonne’s back-story. We’ve been waiting all this time for more details on why/how Michonne became so hardcore but we’re only given crumbs in this week’s episode. Guess it’s better than nothing. This scene is followed with the ever creepy and increasingly insane Governor as he’s seen pulling on chains that are giving him some kind of sick pleasure. Weird.

We continue our saga with Milton creeping up on The Governor while he sets up some alarming looking torture tools, hmmm. Milton finally starts to realize that his fearless leader isn’t the good guy he’s pretending to be and flips on a dime and tattles to Andrea about the deal the Governator has in place with Rick. Michonne in exchange for the safety of everyone else at the prison. They then continue to stare for what seems like an eternity at the Governor as he sits at his crafting station blissfully unaware that Andrea is aiming her gun right at his noggin. Milton, who apparently can’t make up his mind, then urges her NOT to kill the Governor as she in turn would be gunned down and become public enemy no. 1.

Andrea makes a sassy comment about her ninja like ways and that maybe she can get rid of the Governor, but in a sneaky ‘won’t-see-me-coming’ kind of way. Insert ridiculously annoying smirk here. She decides to take matters into her own hands and heads to the prison to warn Rick’s crew about the Governor’s real intentions, but not before she is relieved of her gun and ammo by head goon Martinez. Like the ninja she is, she keeps her knife a secret, and again continues to look like a fool with her stupid side smirk. <Deep sigh>. Andrea climbs the ladder towards her freedom but not before bestowing her infinite wisdom on Tyreese, that only took her the whole season to realize: that Woodbury isn’t the fairyland she thought it was and that they all should leave while they still can. Thank you Captain Obvious.

Here, we get another mini-unimportant filler side story with Tyreese getting into a pissing contest with Martinez about saving Donna and the beef Tyreese has with them rounding up walkers with the intention of setting them free on the unknowing inhabitants of the prison. Not really worth going into that much detail on this plot line since it’s barley even that, but I guess they needed a few scenes to meet the hour running time. The walkers that were being collected, however, are discovered the next day to have met their untimely and fiery end by Martinez’s men and the Governor is Pissed. He confronts Tyreese about it but when he pulls the ‘huuuu??’ look, the Governor realizes that there is another anti-Governor in his midst.

Andrea is now running through the woods but hears a sinister car gaining on her. Low and behold, its the Governor coming to stop her from revealing his master plan to Rick. She drops onto her belly (weird) in an effort to conceal herself in the field, but surprise surprise, the Governor uses his spidey senses and one eye to find her. At first he tries to put on his ‘I’m-a-good-boyfriend-please-come-back-to-me’ hat, but Andrea isn’t picking up what he’s laying down. She flees to an abandoned warehouse where she and the Governor can have the most non-epic game of hide and seek I’ve ever been witness to.  This goes on for a lot longer than it should, until Andrea finally makes her big escape by opening a door (and then hides behind it, clever) that unleashes a hoard of walkers onto the Governor. But luckily for him, he’s got many weapons to fend them off with.

Andrea finally makes it to the prison and see’s Rick up on his perch taking watch over the field, and for a moment, it seems like she’s in the clear. That moment is swiftly kicked in the balls when the Governor comes up behind her and restrains her with his man-hands, effectively crushing her dreams as well as her body. Rick kind-of-sort-of sees/hears something in their general direction but shrugs it off – it was probably just Ghost Lori again.

The episode comes to close when Milton reveals in a cheeky way that he was the one that set the zombie pack aflame, sort of a F**k you dad to The Governor. Once Milton is done with his metaphorical victory lap he notices that Andrea is missing and asks if she’s still alive. The Governor then replies (with a smirk) “Oh I hope so”. Well that makes one of us, Governor. We then see our anti-hero bound and gagged to a chair at some remote and dingy location. The End.

With only two episodes left in the season, let us know in the comments section below what your predictions may be or if the show runners are finally going to pull the trigger (literally) on one of the main characters.