With ‘Iron Man 3’ being the first film to follow ‘The Avengers’ , Marvel had to find a way to up the ante. While introducing one of  Iron Man’s most iconic villains with The Mandarin was a good first step, that isn’t enough for movie goers these days. As much as we hate how Michael Bay overdoes it in his films, let’s be honest – people want explosions.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll take a solid plot over explosions any day of the week, but that’s what sells movies these days and this ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer gives us explosions in style. Well one explosion at least. Did they really have to blow up Tony’s house though? I get the symbolism and intent, but let’s be honest now. His fake movie house is clearly cooler than any house that is currently on the market.

Explosions aside, we do get a little more from this 30 second trailer. We also see an emotional (for him at least) Tony apologizing for getting his friends into the mess that they are currently in.

We also get a couple scenes of James Rhodes in two shots. The second one is more on screen and has him calling in Tony to save people falling out of a plane assuming the trailer is cut in order. More importantly though, is that the first scene shows James in a suit of Iron Man armor. Not the War Machine armor that we are all used to seeing him in but a quick shot of him donning the Iron Patriot armor that has been making the rounds for awhile now.

Not a whole lot new but seeing Rhodes in the Iron Patriot outfit makes me want the film to just hurry up and come out that much quicker!

Source: blastr