In the first issue of  ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ back in 1993, we were introduced to Ravencroft. It’s New York’s version of DC Comic’s Arkham Asylum in the Marvel Universe. Over the years, it has held many of Spider-Man’s villains who are a little more temperamental in sanity including the likes of Carnage, Jackal, Shriek, Carrion, and Chameleon. The animated Spider-Man cartoons have also used it to house the majority of the Sinister Six, so this shouldn’t be a new facility for those who haven’t been following Spidey’s adventures over the years.

Since Ravencroft is as iconic as Arkham Asylum, there was a lot of excitement to see director Marc Webb tweet this photo from a recent filming of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’:

While there’s no indication they are doing this, I would have to say that it would be a great subtle nod to the series if another inmate was mentioned in passing. Say a quick reference to the serial killer Cletus Kasady already being held there? Although , a nod to Carnage or any of Spidey’s other foes would be fantastic too. They don’t even need to use the villain(s) mentioned, just have them in the asylum for a nod and wink to the true believers out there who have been following Parker’s life on page throughout the years.

Speaking of guests of the Ravencroft Institute, the sign above does show that there are ‘Voltage Cells’ in one of the areas. Does anyone else suspect this is where we might end up seeing Electro (Jamie Foxx) at some point in the film?