You’ve seen them in comic books, animated series and in movie theaters but now Marvel is taking your favorite superheroes into true 3D glory and bringing them to an arena near you. That’s right! You can finally see Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and even Iron Man in a new live worldwide road show slated to begin in 2014.

Marvel Entertainment has announced that they have partnered with Feld Entertainment, Inc. (the company that produces Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disney on Ice and Disney Live shows) to produce a live arena show which will feature well-known characters form the Marvel Universe.

While Marvel has been approached in the past about doing a live show, they hadn’t found a company they felt comfortable partnering with, that is until they were approached by Feld Entertainment. According to Marvel’s chief creative officer, Joe Quesada, the showmanship of Feld’s other shows was what made an impression. “They’re already doing feats that are superhuman to begin with,” he explained. Of course Feld’s long standing partnership with Disney was a plus as Disney also owns Marvel.

Craig Henningson as Spider-Man from ‘Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark’

The live show has a projected cost of over $10 million. While that may seem extreme, the Broadway musical ‘Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark’ is said to have cost $75 million! This doesn’t seem to faze Feld Entertainment CEO, Kenneth Feld who sees the live show touring both domestically and internationally beginning sometime in July, 2014.

The Marvel superheroes live show is still in the early stages of development, but they already have a director who couldn’t wait to delve into the Marvel universe. Shanda Sawyer who has directed several Ringling Bros. circus acts and has even won Emmys for her television work has signed on to bring to life the iconic superheroes. “We had to pull her back,” Quesada said of her enthusiasm about the project. “I told her, ‘I think you’re even geeking me out.”

While many fans will now begin to speculate what the live show could entail (An ‘Avengers’ type of storyline?  Maybe a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ tie in for the film? Or how about something with the ‘Fantastic Four’ and Galactus?), Feld has said that the basic plotline will be a no-brainer: “The world will be in jeopardy, and the Marvel superheroes will save the world.”

Will you be in line to catch your favorite superheroes perform live?


Source: Huff Post