Trubies, beware! We haven’t even started seeing Season 6 of our favorite vampires when our Alan Ball replacement show runner, Mark Hudis, has stepped down from the position. It is stated that he is looking more in depth into his overall deal with the network, handing the show over to writer and producer Brian Buckner. While that could be good for continuity, as Buckner has been with the show since Season 1, does this mean our vampires are looking at True Death?

Hudis has stated in the past that filling Alan Balls shoes would be a difficult task, leaving with only a partial season under his belt. Hudis had been a part of ‘True Blood’ since Season 4, but stepping down to focus more on development seems a bit shady to us.

How do you feel about the change? Do you think ‘True Blood’ is in danger of not returning?


Source: THR