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When two major movie studios are willing to work together to bring a film to the big screen, you know that the project has got to be a hot commodity. This is the case with the film ‘Interstellar.’ In a rare move, Paramount and Warner Bros. have joined forces to bankroll and co-produce Christopher Nolan’s next venture since hanging up Batman’s cowl on ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’In a press statement released on March 8, the two studios announced that ‘Interstellar’ will hit theaters on November 7th, 2014. This currently pits the movie against an untitled animated Disney film and a debut 2 weeks before ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.’

In the release, ‘Interstellar’ is described as a “heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.” Knowing Nolan and how he likes to keep things on the down- low, this will probably be the most we’ll hear about the project. However, when Spielberg was first attached to the film in 2006, he had worked on the script with Nolan’s brother Jonathan which was based on Caltech astrophysicist and relativity expert Kip Thorne’s theories on time travel via the use of wormholes.

Back in January we reported that Nolan was in talks to direct the film and is now officially on board and has been reworking the script to incorporate some of his own ideas. Considering the director’s past work in the genre, many fans are hoping that ‘Interstellar’ will be the next ‘Inception’ and are closely following the development  of this film.

Given Nolan’s propensity for nonlinear, brainy, jigsaw puzzling storytelling, ‘Interstellar’ already has most films beat in the box office even before production begins!

Casting should begin soon as filming would need to start sometime in the summer for a November 2014 release. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with any news as it comes out.