We all know a few of the movies in Marvel’s upcoming cinematic lineup, but do these other trademarks that the company registered revealed some of their future line-up plans?

Back in December, Marvel filed for the trademarks of the titles below:

Age Of Ultron, Alpha Flight, Black Panther, Guardians Of The Galaxy, New Warriors, Rocket Raccoon, Strikeforce Morituri, Journey Into Mystery, Irredeemable Ant Man

Let’s do the breakdowns of the obvious ones first.

We all know that ‘Age Of Ultron’ is the sub-title of the second Avengers film, ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron‘. The film is due next year and this one is no surprise.

The next completely obvious one is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ which is coming out this fall. Once again this is another no brainer.

‘Irredeemable Ant Man’ is the first up which is partially questionable. Could it be an alternate name for the upcoming ‘Ant-Man‘ movie? Possible a Marvel OneShot?

Now lets go beyond that.

Black Panther and Rocket Raccoon have both been rumored to be getting their own titles. Black Panther is the potentially showing up in one of the next two Avengers films. Rocket Raccoon? Can you really imagine Marvel picking up Bradley Cooper to just be part of an ensemble cast?

So this leaves us with the largely interesting ones with no prior mentions for the cinematic universe. The first of which is ‘Alpha Flight’ which seems completely off base. Much of the cast of the group are either mutants or so tied in with Wolverine (whose rights are owned by Fox) we couldn’t really see how this would work. However, the upcoming ‘Big Hero 6‘ movie is made up of heroes that initially debuted in ‘Alpha Flight,’ so there may be a tie-in there that will be explored.

Furthermore, another group that is being mentioned is ‘New Warriors.’ With the Nova Corps being introduced in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ this could be a spin-off that they could fit into. While we’d clearly be missing some of the line up by removing anyone who was a mutant, there are still plenty of characters over the years that would fit in here.

‘Journey Into Mystery’ is another unexpected one but very easy to surmise. The comic is the series where Thor first showed up in and has told quite a few story lines that dealt with the various Gods. Could this be the sub-title for ‘Thor 3’ or are we going to be getting spin off films about the other Asgardians?

Finally the one that most of you won’t recognize and that is ‘Strikeforce Morituri’. This one you most likely have never heard of before so let me clue you in with a description:

In 2003, the Sci Fi Channel announced it was developing 1000 Days, a live-action TV movie and backdoor pilot based on Strikeforce: Morituri, in which near-future soldiers gain enhanced abilities but die 1,000 days later. Written by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, it was a Reveille Productions and Marvel Studios co-production executive produced by Reveille head Ben Silverman and Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad and Rick Ungar. Waterman Entertainment optioned the series, with the initial plan being to start production in December 2011.

So we have a slew of potential movies, television shows, and one-shots. What do you think Marvel has in store for each of these properties? Share your thoughts below true believers!

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