After 4 months of being on hiatus, ‘Revolution’ is finally returning to the small screen. To get viewers pumped up for its return, NBC has released an explosive first minute of the return episode, ‘The Stand,’ and we mean that literally!

The video starts off with an introduction from Eric Kripke (‘Supernatural’) and J.J. Abrams (a.k.a. the guy who controls the genre as he now helms both ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ franchises) who explain that the episode picks up right where the series left off in November.

If you recall, ‘Revolution’ left with a pretty big cliffhanger and the bombshell that Monroe now has access to power has shifted the game in his favor. After all, how can you outmaneuver something like, oh say, a helicopter when you don’t have the operation of a combustible engine on your side?

So, what are viewers going to expect in this second half? According to Abrams, “The second half of the first season is just bigger and cooler and get more intense.”

See for yourself in this preview of the first minute of ‘The Stand.”

‘Revolution’ returns on Monday, March 25th at 10PM ET/9 C on NBC.