Welcome back Warehouse agents! This weeks’ episode finds us without… well, if you haven’t watched last season, you can catch up here. But now seems like a good place to put the ‘Spoilers’ warning up so continue at your own risk and check your artifact at the door.


The episode picks up where we left off with a giant chasm in the place where the Warehouse used to be. All around is the destruction brought about by Sykes’ bomb. Pete and Myka look around reminiscing about the artifacts they retrieved and adventures they had.

Pete grabs at a comment that Artie made that they may not have lost the war fought with Sykes as he hones in on the watch that McPhearson had given to him.  Myka believes the watch may have belonged to Lavoisier and has the ability to reconstitute matter. Artie disappoints them and tells him he really doesn’t know what the watch can do.

Then a horrible thought comes to Artie. He rushes to find the chamber that held Pandora’s Box is destroyed. He rushes to the B&B and finds Leena and Claudia on the couch still stunned about what happened to Mrs. Frederic. Artie explains to Pete and Myka that since Mrs. Frederic was organically connected to the Warehouse, when the Warehouse was decimated, so was Mrs. Frederic. He then tells Leena and Claudia that the Sykes’ bomb was a lot stronger than they thought and they only reason that they survived was because H.G. Wells insulated them from the blast and was killed.

Leena asks about the Eturbian chamber and Artie tells her it’s gone. They turn on the TV and see that the world is in chaos. It’s then that they realize that when the Warehouse was destroyed, so was Pandora’s Box where hope was stored. The world has now lost hope.

Still wondering what the watch artifact can do and how to use it, the team gather and examine it closer. Myka is able to translate the Portuguese writing and they find out that the watch is actually a stopwatch that is counting down. They surmise that this must a timer that allows them time to find a failsafe device that will give them the ability to gain the last 24 hours back. (As a Whovian, I feel obligated to insert it’s all timey wimey wibbly wobbly to me!). Myka then notices that the back of the watch lifts off and inside were black diamonds.

To figure out what the black diamonds signify, Artie tracks the football which is really an artifact tracker. He types in “Black Diamond” and a Knights of the Templar motto comes up. Thanks to Claudia and the internet, she deduces that the failsafe device is somehow connected to the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond located in the south of France. As she so smugly says, “The internet knows everything.”

Artie assigns Leena to locate an artifact that would be able to disarm Sykes’bomb if they succeed in finding the unknown failsafe artifact that may buy them back the last 24 hours. Artie, Pete, and Myka prepare to head to France but Claudia announces she’s not going. Too much time has passed to go back and save Jinks. She announces she is going to use the metronome to bring him back. Artie, Pete, and Myka beg her to join them. She acquiesces but tells Artie not to think that she won’t use the artifact for Jinks when this is all over.

The loss of hope is beginning to affect the team and Artie tells them that if they dig deep and focus on other emotions they can offset the feelings of hopelessness they are experiencing. Claudia comments she is using anger and it seems to work just fine. As they try to figure their way around France, Pete and Myka notice that there have been 2 guys following them since leaving the station. Artie tells them that they are from the Brotherhood.

On their way to Barbosa, Leena fills Artie in on her findings. She states that since the bomb was made from something out of pure hate, only something out of pure peace would be able to counteract it.

When the team arrives at their destination, Pete devises a plan to occupy the Brothers so that Artie and Claudia can get down to the wine cellars. In true Pete form his plan was impeccable. “Hit the big one? That’s your plan?!” exclaims Myka.

Artie and Claudia make it downstairs and Artie notices a discrepancy about the wine barrels. They pull the barrels forward to find a boarded up shaft. Artie tries to go through but Claudia insists she do the task while throwing a few Winnie the Pooh bear references his way. Inside she finds an astrolabe belonging to Magellan, the first person to sail around the world which explains the stopwatch.  But the alidade is missing making the astrolabe unusable.

In the midst of looking for the alidade, Artie is discovered by Data… I mean Brother Adrian (my fangirl-self squealed at this point!) He tells Artie that he will not allow him to take the astrolabe but just before any harm can come to Artie, Pete uses his Tesla gun on Brother Adrian but not before he was able to set off a trigger point that collapses the shaft that Claudia was in. Claudia is trapped!

Pete, Myka, and Artie try to figure out where the alidade could be. They look at the watch again and notice that it hasnow moved forward but stuck at the time 4:18. With the help of Leena and the other Regent they try to figure the significance of the numbers and realize that they may stand for a chapter and verse from the Bible and the letter M may stand for one of the Books. To the team’s astonishment, Claudia was able to tell them that they should look either in the book of Mark or Matthew. From there they are able to determine that the missing piece is located at the Vatican. When they look at the watch again, it is counting down.

Pete, Myka, and Artie arrive at the Vatican and in order to break into St. Peter’s tomb (where the alidade may be located), Myka causes a disturbance so that Pete and Artie can head there. Time is running out. Only 30 minutes left on the watch. Pete is getting his “vibes” again both good and bad. Just as they find the alidade in an old elevator, the Brotherhood is right behind them with Brother Adrian in tow. As the two fight against the Brotherhood, Pete is slashed with a knife then is forced back into the elevator by Brother Adrian’s weapon in hand. The doors close and in a panic, Artie hot wires it open.

When the elevator opens, it reveals the back of  Brother Adrian standing over Pete. Artie grabs his shoulders and turns him around to find the knife stuck through Brother Adrian’s heart. Pete hands the alidade to Artie then collapses from the damage of the knife wound he sustained in the fight. With Pete’s last dying breath, he tells Artie that it’s going to be okay and asks if he’ll remember dying. Artie tells him no. At Pete’s dead body, Artie continues, “But I will.”

With death and hopelessness around him, Artie contacts Leena who has found a peace artifact to counteract the bomb once time is reversed. Pete puts the two pieces of the artifact together and just as he is about to use it, Brother Adrian asks “Why?” He warns Artie that if he initiates the artifact he cannot tell anyone what he did. If he does, there will be in grave danger. He further warns Artie that if he uses the astrolabe he will create a great evil of his own making that will live with him the rest of his days.

Despite the warning and knowing the dire consequences, Artie uses the artifact and time is reversed 24 hours prior to the point where he helps H.G. Wells and Myka from being squeezed to death by the ropes. Artie finds Ghandi’s clothing (an artifact of pure peace) and puts it over the bomb but it continues to count down. Myka and H.G. reason that since it is hate that is fueling the bomb they need to destroy the hate and that means getting to Sykes.

Just as Sykes goes through the portal after Pete’s mom, but before Pete can close it and effectively killing Sykes, Artie gets to him in time to tell him to bring Sykes back to the Warehouse. Once Pete does, Myka throws Ghandi’s cloth over him effectively removing all his hate and thus stopping the bomb to go off. As the hate that was perpetuating Sykes to live was now gone, he apologizes for what he did and quietly passes.

With the Warehouse saved, Artie tries to go on with the knowledge of what he has done. He tries to convince the Regents that H.G. is rehabilitated (knowing that she would, and has, sacrificed her life for the sake of the Warehouse and the team) and Mrs. Frederic, who is now alive, wants to know why the sudden change from Artie.

Mrs. Frederic knows something is up as she has a few strands of grey hairs that were not there before. She confronts Artie and tells him she knows that he has done something but doesn’t know what. She disappears in a blink.

Later, Claudia is seen leaving the B&B with the metronome in hand and Artie has a nightmare of her coming after him with a knife.

With the Warehouse et al back to “normal,” Brother Adrian words continue to haunt Artie: “You will create an evil of your own making…An evil that will live with you for the rest of your days.”

What a wild ride that was! In the midst of hopelessness the writers were still able to inject the humor that makes ‘Warehouse 13’ such a great show. And the addition of Brent Spiner only added to the awesomeness of the episode.

As with all things involving time travel, there will be consequences with Artie’s actions. We know that if Pete is not dead, neither is Brother Adrian. (And just in case you were wondering, Spiner has signed on for 5 more episodes!) And if Brother Adrian is still alive, how much does the Brotherhood know about the reversal? Will they find a way to undo what Artie has done?

Claudia is filled with anger and now we may be dealing with an undead Jinks. And what of Pete and Myka? Have they been affected in any way? And what’s with Mrs. Frederic’s gray hairs? If that is considered an aberration, what aberration is in the Warehouse since they are organically linked?

Oh! I can’t end this recap without putting some of the great quotes from the episode so here are a few of my favorites:

Artie: Our minds are starting to interpret weather and music, sounds, colors in a darker, duller context. Our brains are producing far fewer endorphins.
Myka: That explains why Pete didn’t hit on that flight attendant.
Pete: I know, right? That’s not like me.

Claudia: Hey, Pooh Bear, you want to let me do that?
Artie: Now do you see why it was important that you come along.
Claudia: Yeah. I can just picture you trying to get through here. “Oh help bother, I’m stuck!”
Artie: All right, all right.
Claudia: “I’m so rumbly in my tummy.”
Artie: Stop it.
Claudia: Silly old bear.
Artie: Enough.

Claudia: That’s why it’s a 24-hour stopwatch. Because Magellan was the first guy to sail all the way around the world.
Artie: So you actually paid attention in fifth-grade?
Claudia: Yes, now think back to your youth and try to remember what he said to you on deck the night he crossed the international dateline.
Artie: I never tire of those comments.

Claudia: They made us read the Bible a lot at the psych hospital. I think it’s how they kept their funding.

So, it looks like Season 4 of ‘Warehouse 13’ has gotten off to a great start and, as Saul Rubinek promised, the show has upped the ante for their viewers. Let me know what you thought of the episode below!