Dexter’s seventh season ended up having the highest ratings that the show has had to date. On top of that, with the many plot lines they are currently juggling, it almost seems that the prospect of the show coming to a close just wouldn’t be the case for Season 8. On the flipside, exactly how long is Dexter (Michael C. Hall) supposed to be able to keep getting away with murder? Well according to Leslie Moonves, President of CBS (Showtime’s parent company) he isn’t going to be getting away with it much longer.

On a recent conference call Mooves had stated:

“We have Ray Donovan coming on, with Liev Schreiber, which comes on with Dexter‘s last season starting in June…”

Honestly, while I’ve been a huge fan of the show so far, I do have to say that this is a good thing. As much as we all like to root for the anti-hero, the thought of having the main character being a serial killer, with so many people knowing it at this point, and still getting away with it is ludicrous. There’s just too much to swallow season after season that all of this can happen around Dexter, even with him being a member of the police force, that things don’t just fall back on him.

Still with how much is up in the air, let’s see if they are able to bring a good closure to the series.

Open plot lines and thoughts:

  • Will Dexter get away with it, reform, get caught, or be killed?
  • What will happen between Dexter and Deb now that she’s confessed her true feelings to both herself and him?
  • How are they going to deal with what happened to LaGuerta at the end of Season 7?
  • What will happen to Dexter’s children?
  • Will Hannah McKay be on the run or will she return for the final season?
  • Will Quinn’s past come back to haunt him?
  • How will Angel’s leaving the force work out for him?
  • Will Tom Matthews figure out the truth that’s been dangling right in front of him?
  • Will Vince Masuka find a nice girl to settle down with? (HAH!)
  • As one of the people who know Dexter’s secret will Lumen Pierce make an appearance in the last season?

There are still a lot of questions in the air but to think that Dexter can keep getting away with the killing? I think any fan of the show realized that it really does have to come to an end one way or another.

It’s been a great run but it’ll be good to see it come to an end.


Source: Indie Wire