These past few months have been a crazy roller coaster for fans of ‘The X-Files’, who were starting to resign themselves to being on the fandom sidelines for the time being.

First, Philes got hints of there being a new series, as IDW stated it would be gathering and reprinting back issues of the ‘X-Files’ comics in its entirety in anticipation for a new comic series in June. Then, David Duchovny urged fans to make a large letter campaign for a third movie which is a strange turnabout for him. He went from lamenting how he’ll never be known as anything but Mulder, to embracing the fans that have loved him so faithfully.

The roller coaster keeps going, as yesterday it was announced at the Emerald City Comic Con that on 6/19/2013 there will be an ‘X-Files’ comic books series that will serve as Season 10. For those who are fans of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Smallville‘ and ‘Jericho’ this is not a new concept for science fiction series. Often times, even when television shows get cancelled, and actors grow older, the stories continue in comic book form and are labelled as seasons to ensure that it is a part of the greater continuity. They have been, thus far, successful. Especially in Joss Whedon’s case.

It’s been two years since fans have last seen anything ‘X-Files’ related in the comic scene, so this comes as great news. Chris Carter will be taking an active role in ‘The X-Files: Season 10’ creation as well, which certainly means ‘X-Files’-starved fans will be flocking to this new endeavor.

As for what the story is about, there are some hints.

“What do ‘The X-Files’ look like in this increasingly paranoid and untrusting post-Wikileaks era?” asks IDW Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Cheif, Chris Ryall. “Well, they look like canon to me… and come June, the rest of the world will be able to see it for themselves, too.”

The IDW website elucidates the plot a little further:

“In the opening story arc, “Believers,” readers will catch up with Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, living normal lives together under secret identities. However, a visit from an old friend threatens to rip them from suburban anonymity, as they learn that someone is preying upon everyone involved in ‘The X-Files’. Prepare to revisit familiar faces-some very unexpected, threats old and new, and an intriguing mystery designed to return the beloved franchise to its former glory!”

Will the series be as successful as ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or its original series? Time will tell, and will be there in June to see what happens.


Source: STYD