A couple weeks ago NBC released a teaser for their new drama thriller ‘Hannibal’ and now a full international trailer has made its way online.

While Bryan Fuller’s version of the Hannibal Lector tale does take a few liberties from the book it’s based on, it’s still suspenseful and disturbing.

The series centers on Special Agent William Graham (the same Graham that was the protagonist in the ‘Red Dragon’ novel and film), a profiler who has retired from the FBI because of the torment he experiences with his uncanny ability to understand and emphasize with the serial killers he pursues.  Graham is asked back out of retirement by his boss, Agent Jack Crawford who then assigns psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter to work alongside him as he returns to the FBI. Needless to say, the cat and mouse game serial killer Hannibal engages with Graham can be quite chilling to watch.

Playing Graham is Hugh Darcy (‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’) who teams up again with Mads Mikkelsen  (‘Clash of the Titans,’ ‘The Three Musketeers’) – both of whom had starred in the film ‘King Arthur.’ Laurence Fishburne (‘Man of Steel’) plays Graham’s FBI boss Crawford with Caroline Dhavernas (‘Wonderfalls) co-starring as Lecter’s protégé Dr. Alana Bloom.

The trailer does a much better job than the 3o second teaser at convincing television viewers to watch the series. ‘Hannibal’ has the Thursday night 10pm death slot (the last two genre shows in that time period both were cancelled) so hopefully third time is the charm and the series will find a following.

The success will also bode well for Fuller whose last attempt for a series with NBC (‘Mockingbird Lane’) didn’t even get past the pilot stage. Just like ‘Mockingbird Lane,’ Fuller also wrote the pilot for ‘Hannibal’ and will executive produce. Bringing it all to life is ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ director David Slade.

Check out the newest trailer below and let us know if you’ll be watching ‘Hannibal’ with your glass of Chianti: