Deadly Class

While Syfy pulled the plug on ‘Deadly Class’ in May, fans still had hope that it could return as it was being shopped around to various streaming services for a second season. Sadly, that hope has just been killed off as co-creator, and executive producer Rick Remender has shared the news that there won’t be a continuation. However, he does share a fitting work around as to how fans can find out more about where they planned to take the show.

Remender shared the bad news in the following tweet:

At least, as Remender points out, there are always the comics!


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The show just didn’t find a large enough viewership to sustain itself and reviews of the show were mixed. Some critics felt the show was getting muddled while others continued to praise every new episode. Sadly, IDW Entertainment doesn’t have the money to develop any of the shows based on its properties on its own and require the help of networks to keep them afloat.

The truly annoying part for viewers will be that cliffhanger the series ended on in the finale “Sink With California” that will now never have a resolution.

Were you hoping that another network or streaming service was going to pick up ‘Deadly Class’ for a second season? Do you feel that the show had legs to carry on or did you think that it fell flat? Share your thoughts in the comments below!