As we saw in last week’s issue of ‘Deadpool’, the Merc with a Mouth is in a pretty low place right now. His go-to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent/friend Agent Preston was murdered by the undead George Washington. Wade Wilson himself became indisposed after that battle. And if it wasn’t for the necromancer Michael, they would’ve all met their demises at the hands of the first founding father. We have to wait a whole month until we get to lay eyes on the culmination of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan’s first story arc on this Marvel NOW title, but has eased the blow by providing us with a special sneak peek at some pages from the issue.

In this unlettered preview, you can see a few panels by Tony Moore from the epic finale of Deadpool’s first solo adventure of the Marvel NOW era. Also, included is the cover art by Zachary Baldus and the variant by Adam Warren:

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at DEADPOOL #6, from the creative team of writers Brian Posehn and Duggan and artist Tony Moore! Deadpool has sliced, diced, and mocked almost every former President of the United States, and in this explosive finale, see who makes it out alive (obviously, not the presidents)! It’s the epic finale of the Dead Presidents and no fan of Deadpool can miss how it ends!

Like I said in my review of ‘Deadpool’ #5, things were straight up heartbreaking at the end of the issue, so I’m looking forward to seeing Wade get some revenge on Washington for what he did to Agent Preston.

‘Deadpool’ #6 hits the shelves of your local comic book shops on March 20, 2013.