Well folks it’s another day closer to ‘Iron Man 3‘s’ release and the character posters keep coming! This time we have the Pepper Potts poster (say that 10 times fast) and it shows a very solemn looking Gwyneth Paltrow holding an extremely damaged Iron Man helmet. There have been multiple rumors of new Iron Man armor appearing in the third installment of the movie. Some have guessed at it being “War Machine” armor but perhaps this is why there will be a new look. Upgrades for Mr. Stark.

I did promise more though in that title didn’t I? How about the cover of the upcoming issue of Empire as well as a shot inside? The cover shows Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in full Iron Man uniform and below it we have an image of James Rhodes (Don Cheadle.) With Tony looking smug and James looking on pretty intently my guess is this is going to be his first exposure to whatever enemy they are about to face with Tony looking smug and James having a gun out.

The image teases a couple other things though. Combined with the Pepper Potts poster above the wound on Tony’s face looks to be right where the damage to the Iron Man helmet was. On top of that did anyone else notice the logo on Tony’s shirt? That looks like an AIM logo to me. Will we get a proper introduction to Advanced Idea Mechanics in this film or is this just a subtle tease for a future plot line?