Walt and Bry know exactly what they’re doing in the kitchen.

Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash has been a retailer of fine comic books and comic-related merchandise in Red Bank, NJ for 15 years, but on this week’s episode of ‘Comic Book Men’, they got into a new kind of business. After realizing that local eatery that included many of the town’s streets and businesses have items dedicated to them on the menu, the guys at the Stash reach out to see what they can do about getting onto that menu.

Before ‘Iron Chef Secret Stash’ commenced, Walt and the gang were up to their usual business. A customer comes in with a set of Wolverine claws, although they’re not officially licensed and look like knockoffs, albeit a really cool knockoff. The reason why he’s selling is because of his canine companion. Apparently, the dog freaked out when he first got it and continues to do so every time it’s taken out, so the owner is opting to get rid of the item. He’s asking $60, but since it’s not an officially licensed replica, Walt can’t go for the full price. They settle on $40 and the Stash has a cool looking weapon in the shop to fill up shelf space.

Now, the whole ordeal with Readies began with Bryan coming in and pointing out to Walt, Ming, and Mike that, despite being a part of town for so long, the Secret Stash isn’t included on the list of over 97 sandwiches all named after streets and businesses on the menu. Ming makes a call to the owner of the restaurant and they come to the agreement that the guys split up into teams to create the sandwich. Ming will team with Mike, who was once a chef, and Bryan will team with Walt, who’s never even eaten a sandwich. Which ever creation is determined the better of the two would be added to the menu as the Secret Stash Super Hero.

Another customer comes in with a Flash of Two Worlds statue. Mike notes that the statue commemorates the event that introduced the concept of a multiverse in DC Comics. The guy wanted $450, but Walt and Bryan ended up just messing with the guy and ultimately rejecting the item. Though he didn’t make the sale, he was a good sport about the ribbing.

The next item to come through the door was a holy grail of comic books. A father and son came in with ‘Amazing Fantasy’ #15 from 1962, which is the first appearance of Spider-Man. Back in the 80s, the father originally paid $65 for it, but now that his grandkids are in school, they want to sell it to cover tuition. The family is looking for $18,000, but Walt needs an expert to come in for this high-profile sale. The only man for the job is Robert Bruce, who comes in and determines that the book would only be graded a 2.0 because of the cut on the cover and the tape around the edges. Rob would offer $2500 if he was going for it. Walt pitched $3000, but the family was only willing to go as low as $8500. Unfortunately, they couldn’t come to an agreement and one of the milestone issues in comic book history walked out the door.

Now that the teams were established, it was time to head to the kitchen. Mike and Ming are taking a simple and tasty approach, whereas Walt and Bryan’s strategy is to “load that crap up”. Both have the potential to be winning strategies, but we’ll see which one passes the taste test.

The final item of the episode is a Chewbacca model kit that was won as a prize in a costume contest by the customer, who revealed that he dresses up as Captain America not just for fun, but he wears the suit for charity as well. Inspired by the story of Steve Rogers and being bullied at a young age, this customer became a police officer in Massachusetts. Walt said that this guy practically was Captain America because of his good heart, backstory, and look. The customer says that he’d like to at least get the ticket price of $65 back on it, but Walt says that they don’t really deal with models in the store. But since Walt is interested in this guy’s story of modern heroics, he’s thinking that he could give $10. Then the Cap cop shares that he’d be losing money since he paid about $30 to get to the Stash to sell the model. Inspired by his good deeds, Walt gives him $30 for the model and seals the deal with a firm handshake.

Finally, the judging on the sandwich is upon us. Mike & Ming deliver a sandwich with fried chicken, extra sharp cheddar, bacon, and apple jam. Bryan & Walt present a monster of a meal with their sandwich, which features two kinds of bread, Colby-jack cheese, fried chicken, grilled chicken, ham, bacon, roast beef, and lettuce. Mike and Ming are crowned the winners and their creation lands on the Readies menu as The Secret Stash Super Hero.

After watching the episode, I definitely got a little hungry and contemplated heading over to Red Bank just to try one. It looks so delicious. I’ll be sure to stop by Readie’s next time I’m in town and let you all know how it was.

Since I have to go raid my fridge, this is a good spot to end my recap of this week’s episode of ‘Comic Book Men’. Make sure to check back next week for a new recap of the latest episode. Until then, feel free to go back and check out my past recaps and our other ‘Comic Book Men’ related articles.