Who wore it best? That’s a question that you’d often hear at award shows, movie premieres, or just about any special event with a red carpet. But what happens when it’s posed to some of your favorite superheroes? PicClick.com decided to find the answer by pitting some of the most iconic heroes and villains from Marvel and DC against each other in a handy infographic to see which comic book company has the best costumes.

To gather the necessary information, the site polled a thousand people on their preferences for 100 of Marvel and DC’s most popular characters and their attire. They covered all the fan favorite heroes from Captain America to Superman to Thor to Batman to Deadpool to Mr. Fantastic and more. But also the most fearsome villains such as Doctor Doom, Joker, Loki, Two-Face, and Magneto get in on the action as well. Once the subjects were gathered, then a few went head to head with their counterparts to see which ones people preferred based on looks alone. For instance, Bullseye and Deadshot faced off in a style clash to see who fans thought had the better costume. To check out which characters racked up the wins for having a superior super suit sense, plus which company came out on top over all, check out the infographic below:

What do you think about the results of this Marvel/DC costume battle? Were you surprised by the winners and the losers? Which outcomes did you disagree with the most? Did your favorites come out on top? Let us know in the comment section.