Pilou Asbaek Game of Thrones

We didn’t really get to meet Pilou Asbaek’s Euron Greyjoy until pretty late in the series, but it sounds like he’ll be a major player in the seventh season of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘. Theon’s half crazy and half brilliant uncle was able to wrest power from his brother and take over the Iron Islands, but his quest for glory doesn’t stop there.

The newly minted king will be coming into his own both with how he acts and how he looks when he returns to the small screen. According to Asbaek:

“He’s much more just f—ing enjoying himself this season. He’s more charming. He takes himself seriously, but not too seriously.”

It sounds like his beard and hair will be gone and done in “a sexier close-cropped style” while his clothes will be replaced with “swaggering black robes.”

In the novels, we’ve seen him as pure evil when he took down Balon and beat Yara to the crown, but with how late he was introduced in the show it will be important to have him stand on his own without being too repetitive of what we’ve already seen.

According to co-executive producer Bryan Cogman:

“He brings a different energy to the show. He’s the kind of guy who will kill you and steal your girlfriend.”

While some might think of him as the new Joffrey or Ramsay, writer Dave Hill says of Asbaek that he has a “resting maniac face.” while Asbaek himself states that:

“Ramsay was a great character and to me was 100 percent evil. I think Euron is not. I’m more like a hooligan. The guy you met at the Kingsmoot is not the guy you will meet on his ship — he’s different with different people to get what he wants.”

Since he couldn’t beat Yara to Daenerys’ side to try and make a claim for the Iron Throne, it seems like this year he might be looking to partner with Cersei as a contender to sit upon it. While not many have a chance of putting one past Cersei to get what they want as she has proven time and time again, Asbaek thinks his character could have a shot:

“For Euron, the question is, ‘Who gives me the best odds?’ Is it the dragon mother? No. Is it with Cersei? I think it is. Dany is still trying to be a good, decent, honest person. Cersei sold her soul many years ago. Maybe that’s why Euron likes the idea of her.”

With Dany bringing her army in by shop we know that Cersei will need a fleet and her own won’t be up to the task. Could her need for Euron give him the advantage that he needs to make a play for the Iron Throne? Or will he fall in line or be killed as so many have before? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly