Infographics are a great way of putting a lot of information together in an entertaining visual manner. When you come across a really good one, you could spend a lot of time pouring over the data and even geek out on some on the new things that you didn’t know. In the past, we’ve shared inforgraphics on which studio owned which franchise, which comic book franchise (DC vs. Marvel) had the better box office numbers and even a quick review of all of the companions featured on ‘Doctor Who.’ But it’s this infographic on ‘The Evolution of Star Trek’ that I’m really excited about!

The infographic takes you through close to 50 years of history charting the development of the franchise and the phenomenon of the series that after just  3 initial modest seasons on CBS spawned 5 spinoffs, 12 movies, an animated series and countless of books, games, toys and other media. What makes this infographic one of the better ones out there is that is also incorporates real-life milestones in space exploration.

This inforgraphic is definitely one for any Trekkie and non-Trekkie to look over! Hopefully you’ll agree as you check it out below:


Source: Forever Geek