Since Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Tony Moore took over ‘Deadpool’ for Marvel NOW!, the Merc with a Mouth has been knocking off undead presidents who are looking to destroy the country. In the last issue, he took out Honest Abe, along with a whole mess of other, b- and c-list former occupants of the Oval Office. Now, he’s going for Ronald Regan, but in a bigger way than any of his other battles before this. IN SPACE!

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, you can get a sneak peek at Deadpool’s battle again President Regan up in the Russian space station, but that’s not all! Wade Wilson has more to deal with than the actor turned politician, oh yes. You see, there’s more than just the zombie and the assassin up in space. There are monkeys too! Weird? Of course! But it’s Deadpool, so honestly you can’t expect anything else. Check out the preview for ‘Deadpool’ #5 in the gallery below to see how Wade celebrates President’s Day:

After seeing that, you might think that this preview just ruined the issue. The battle is over, right? Deadpool stabs Ronald Regan in the gut with his enchanted sword. Well, look again, my friends, because something is amiss. I won’t flat out say it so you can go back and look for yourselves, but I have a feeling that this battle isn’t over just yet.

What do you think about the preview for ‘Deadpool’ #5? Are you planning on picking it up this week? Share your thoughts in the comments below!