The episodes starts with Lucy and Martin staring at boxes in “their” living room that Lucy profess to being unable to open. We find out that it was left over from the divorce, shipped to her by her ex-husband. So, if we were hoping for any form of anonymity for our stalwart heroes, we now know there is one possible mole/vulnerable individual who Aster Corps can use to find them.

While Lucy tries to convince Martin that Jake should go to school, Jake goes through her boxes and finds a photo of a group of people that will, in classic Touch fashion, will be important later on. We catch a very quick glimpse of it before Martin takes it away closes the box, and it is pictured on the left.

Lucy decides to go to a coffee shop, and she takes Jake with her. Martin goes to Breakline and asks for credentials so he can seem real when he goes to meet Calvin Norberg, who had just texted him a meeting place. During this time, we are introduced to Malory Cane who is calling her husband from Pakistan and talking about how much she wants to quit her job at Aster Corps, when she is suddenly apprehended and dragged away while her husband helplessly listens to the struggle on the phone.

So, start your engines. We have three seemingly unconnected stories. Let’s see how this all works together in the end in classic Touch style.

But let’s start with Lucy and Jake who are at a coffee shop. Jake draws something that looks like an A with a circle in the middle on a napkin, and takes it do a very upset looking woman the next table over. We find out later that her name is Sofia Corliss, and she has a very legitimate reason to be upset by the picture Jake shows her, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Upon seeing the napkin, she flips out and Jake takes the oppurtunity to steal an envelope from her. He later shows it to Lucy who freaks out about stealing, and then decides to illegally open it while telling Jake that doing so was wrong. She find money, a police sketch of Guillermo Ortiz, and a suicide note. She very naturally decides to seek out the person who the envelope is addressed to, Vicente Corliss.

Then Lucy takes Jake to find Vicente, and we start discovering the connection between Guillermo and Sofia, and it’s that Guillermo had killed her twin sister, Claudia, an astronomy genius. Apparently Claudia could spend days drawing a galaxy no one had ever seen or heard of, and then find it. She also discovered the path of a comet, with exactly the trajectory that Jake had drwan on the napkin to show Sofia, hence why she became very upset.

As you can see, things are starting to come together now.

Meanwhile, Martin gets a text to meet up with Calvin Norberg, who sends a car to fetch him and bring him to a gun range, which I assume is a not-so subtle way to scare Martin. But Martin is played by Keifer Sutherland, star of 24, so he doesn’t let crap like that bother him. Martin claims that he’s a reporter (which is now true) and he wants to investigate Aster Corps for criminal acts. Apparently though, he can’t assure Norberg of his sincerity until he shoots the hell out of a paper target… which evidently impresses Norberg. He gives Martin all the information he needs, which is where the secret files are, and who can access them, and the exact person who is likely to give him the pass card he needs: Malory Cane.

And now all the pieces are in play.

Unfortunately, as you’ll recall, Malory has been imprisoned and threatened with the infamous Bano Prison if she doesn’t reveal who her handler is. Seeing as she has no handler, all she can do is deny it, which only brings her sentence closer to fruition.

So Martin ends up at Malory’s place in LA where he meets her husband, who just on mere mention of his wife’s name is willing to beat people up!  But yet again, seeing as Martin is played by Keifer Sutherland, star of 24, he is handily dispatched with.

Then he tells Martin everything Martin needs to know, and lets Martin onto his wife’s computer which doesn’t seem to be password protected despite having a lot of top secret information. The most important files being that of Adeleine Danvers, which Martin quickly discovers is a code name for Amelia.

When Martin meets up with Lucy later that day at Breakline, where he sets Breakline’s resident hacker onto files from Malory’s computer, they discuss how the know Adeleine Danvers is Amelia, the chief reasons being that all the bills listed under her started when she was supposedly killed, and they stopped three weeks ago, which was around the time Amelia found Not-Amelia on the beach in the first episode.

Then, Martin pieces together from Malory’s husband, Norberg, and the hacker, that Malory was working on T1, a project that is supposed to be able to collect data of people crossing borders and tell the user exactly who the terrorists are. Malory, at some point, had found a flaw in it was planning on making it public, but not before Aster Corps decided to use the system to set her up to the Pakistani government in effort to get rid of her.

We are allowed take a breather from the drama for one moment while Jake basically ensures he gets to go to school by somehow making the school dial Martin’s phone and vice versa. After an awkward conversation between two people trying to explain to the other that they had been the one called and not the other way around, Martin concedes asking about the school to see if Jake could fit in at all. She convinces him to do a half-day, which Jake seems very pleased about. Now this is when stuff gets crazy.

We know this because both Amelia start writing the number 1075 over and over again.

Lucy realizes that Sofia Corliss is going to kill herself at a comet viewing party, which means at the Astreus Observatory. When she gets there, the party has been cancelled and she doesn’t know what to do. Thankfully, she’s been paying attention to the numbers Jake has been telling her throughout the episode: 1075. She sees a mile marker with number, and finds Sofia recklessly walking across the road in order to commit suicide. Lucy, naturally, saves her in the nick of time.

Lucy and Sofia discuss Sofia’s past, and how she thinks that Guillermo had meant to kill her that fateful night her twin died, though it’s not clear on whether or not Guillermo didn’t realize which twin was who, or if Sofia was the one denying her god-number destiny. In the end, it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity and if he had killed Sofia and found out he was wrong, Claudia would have been next.

Meanwhile, Martin is soliciting the help of Mr. Farzat, a contact who can get Malory out of jail, as he gets tackled by neighborhood security while Calvin jams the programming of the T1. We find out it’s successful, and its insinuated that Martin will be able to use her card to access Aster Corps in the future.

Then, as if you don’t have three other plot lines you have to think of, we also have Amelia’s story to go over, which is that she is not with Aster Corps like it had been implied. Instead, she’s actually Norberg’s secret. Whether he’s keeping her locked up is for good or for evil, we just can’t know yet.

Amelia’s story in the episode follows her and Frances, who spends the episode trying to get Amelia to have fun and not think about numbers… or something. Essentially, Frances finds out just how amazing Amelia is when they play a boardgame. There, Amelia is able to predict the dice rolls, and play the entire game in her head without moving a piece. She also, in the scene before, Shortcirtcuit-ed all of To Kill a Mockingbird in the space of what looks like an hour. Then she proceeds to be able to quote line for line and tell which pages which lines came from. In short, my ideal person to cheat off of during a test.

The episode ends on an ominous notes. Remember that photo Jake had taken out at the beginning of the episode? Well, Lucy notices that Guillermo is in the background, because he looks exactly like the police sketch that was enclosed with Sofia’s suicide note. In addition, there is a scar on his neck, which Lucy rightfully assumes is from when Sofia stabbed him all those years ago. She wonders why he was there at Amelia’s birthday party, and what the connection is to Claudia.

More importantly, we wonder just what he wants to do Amelia and Jake. Ba-BA-BUUUUUM!

That’s it for today’s episode. I will catch on you on the flipside for the next episode of Touch, where the drama looks like its going to be intense. For one thing, Martin breaks into Aster Corps, and Lucy finds out that Calvin has her daughter! I personally cannot wait for the action to start.