January 11, 2011, ABC will air new episodes of its two science fiction television shows, ‘No Ordinary Family’ at 8/7c and ‘V’ beginning at 9/8c.

‘No Ordinary Family’ episode 12 – “No Ordinary Brother”
When Jim’s brother (Jason Wiles) arrives at the Powells’ for an unannounced visit, he learns about their abilities and attempts to use J.J.’s brain power to score at the racetrack. Meanwhile, Stephanie gets a promotion from the mysterious VP at her company, Victoria Morrow (‘Losts’ Rebecca Mader), and Daphne suspects that a student in her high school who’s been accused of a crime is innocent.

‘V’ season 2 episode 2 – “Serpent’s Tooth”
For the first time in 15 years, Diana and Anna face off; Erica makes a discovery when she has Tyler’s blood analyzed.

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