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Ever since it was announced that CBS would be bringing Stephen King’s novel ‘Under the Dome’ to the small screen late last year, fans have been waiting to see how the network would handle the adaptation. The executives have been so excited about the project that they decided to capitalize on it and air a 16 second spot during the Super Bowl where viewers could input their address at a website and see what their neighborhood would look like “under the dome.” While most of the casting seemed to have been done, it looks like CBS had one more important part to fill: the role of resident bad boy Dale “Barbie” Barbara. That role has now gone to former ABC ‘Pan Am’ pilot Mike Vogel.

Besides a short stint on ‘Pan Am’, Vogel may be recognizable to genre fans as he’s starred in the films ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and ‘Cloverfield’. He’s also appeared in ‘The Help’ and ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ and can be seen next month in the new A&E series ‘The Bates Motel’ playing Deputy Zach Shelby.

In ‘Under the Dome’, Barbie is described as “an Army veteran who is in Chester’s Mill on a mysterious mission during which he might have killed a man. He’s not a bad guy but, at the same time, not someone to be messed with. He’s as baffled by the dome as everyone and befriended by an investigative journalist named Julia, though his shadowy past will complicate his relationship with the married woman.”

Vogel will be joining fellow cast members which include Aisha Hinds (‘True Blood’, ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Cult’), Colin Ford (‘Supernatural’, ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’), Britt Robertson (‘The Secret Circle’, ‘Life Unexpected’), Mckenzie Lintz (‘The Hunger Games’) and Nicholas Strong (‘Nashville’) who find their town mysteriously covered by a huge invisible, impenetrable dome, cutting it off from the rest of the world. The population must deal with the sudden post-apocalyptic conditions and figure out the mystery behind the dome’s existence

Filming for the 13 episode series will begin later this month in Wilmington, North Carolina and will premiere on CBS on June 24th.


Source: Deadline