So, we all know that last night’s finale episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ was amazing. But exactly how many people were there to see Rick and his group of survivors face off against the zombie horde at the farm?

According to THR, last night’s episode broke the previous record set by the show back when the mid-season premiere aired in February, which in turn broke the record of the season two premiere back in October. The mid-season finale brought in 8.1 million viewers. Last night’s finale… 9 million total viewers! Of that 9 million, 6 million were in the target demographic of adults aged 18-49, 5.3 million were adults 25-54, and 3.2 million in the 18-34 bracket. If you take into account the viewers of the encore airing at 11:30pm, the total up to 10.5 million viewers! Wow! A lot of people tuned in to see the zombie slaughter. I wonder how many of them squealed with glee when the hooded katana lady showed up in the final moments.

The episode also trumped last week’s episode, which saw the much hyped showdown between Rick and Shane, by 2.1 million viewers. It even topped the season 1 finale by over 50%. The high numbers give the ‘Walking Dead’ finale its highest ratings ever and make it the #1 rated drama show in basic cable history in its core demographics.

Not bad for a show about flesh-eating zombies, eh? Who says horror is dead?