One of the best videos to watch on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube Channel has to be ‘Stan Rants’. Here, the iconic Stan Lee spends a few minutes expressing his thoughts on various subjects ranging anywhere from Woman’s Rights, airline delays, wearing a baseball cap backwards, and even the infernal ways toys are now package often with hilarious results.

This time around, Lee has decided to take it upon himself to express his annoyance of the ending of certain films. Teaming up with the animators at How It Should Have Ended, he gives us how he would have treated the endings for ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Inception’ as well as how ‘Batman’ should have really be written.  He did save his best rewrites for last as he reveals s how he would have tackled ‘Star Wars: Episodes I-III’.  All that can be said is: this man is a genius!

Take a look and see if you like Lee’s ideas as you watch the latest installment of ‘Stan Rants’ below!