The big Sony announcement is now less than a week a way, and everyone can’t help but get excited at the prospect of seeing the new PlayStation console. After months of growing rumors and speculation, we’ve finally gotten a glimpse of what the future holds for Sony fans, with the reveal of the company’s new gaming controller.

The image below comes from Destructoid, though the source of the image remains unknown.

The controller looks very similar to the classic DualSchock design, with a couple major differences. First and foremost is the inclusion of the large, black rectangle featured just above the redesigned analog sticks. Based on the texture of the area, it is most likely a touch screen. The presence of the touchscreen or trackpad falls in line with the recent announcement that the new controller would have such a feature, though many speculated that the design would be more similar to the Vita. There also appears to be a speaker located directly below the touchscreen. The blue light on top of the controller is very similar to the motion sensor on the PlayStation Move, implying that their will be built-in motion functionality.

As usual, Sony will neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of this photo, but sources at gaming news site IGN suggest that the controller is very real, though it is only a prototype. Keep in mind that this design is very likely to change by the time the system launches.

We’re sure to see the official product during the big PlayStation event on February 20, so stay tuned.