Who would win in a fight between Superman and Shazam?  That question has plagued comic book readers for decades and it’s a clash that has been revisited several times, starting in a 1978 ‘All New Collector’s Edition’ oversized tabloid to ‘Kingdom Come’ to the New 52.  It was even adapted into an animated short film in 2016.  Now, with ‘Shazam!’ soaring onto the big screen, the question is likely to divide an even larger audience.

Do the stars of the DC movies know how such a clash could go down on the big screen?  They offered some insight.

While appearing at San Diego Comic-Con, Zachary Levi, who plays Shazam, Billy Batson’s adult alter ego, was obviously biased.  Flanked by young co-stars Asher Angel (who plays Billy) and Jack Dylan Grazer (best friend Freddy Freeman), Levi stated:

“Shazam is magic, so I think we’re team Shazam.”

Indeed, if you go by the rules laid down in the comics, Superman is susceptible to magic, as expressed separately by Henry Cavill, the big screen Man of Steel.  “Shazam’s got magic, which is allegedly — comic book lore-wise — Superman’s weakness, or he’s at least more vulnerable to it than other things.”

However, unlike bloodthirsty comic book fans, Cavill took a “can’t we all just get along” stance.

“Superman isn’t going to just be beating up Shazam. He’s not. And Shazam is basically just a big kid. So he’s not going to be beating up Superman. He’s a huge fan of Superman, for one. But Supes is seriously quick. I think it’s whoever gets the jump on the other. It’s situational.”

But Cavill takes into account that a third wild card could trump them both– Batman.  Although logically speaking, Superman could wipe Batman out from miles away with a blast of heat vision, Cavill admits that under the right conditions, Batman could sneak his way to victory.

“Well, if it’s three guys fighting, Batman has a chance.  Because Shazam and Superman are going to focus on each other. And that’s when Batman gets all his sneaky stuff in.”

Sure Batman could whip out some Kryptonite to take down Superman, but what could he do to stop Shazam who doesn’t really have a simple weakness?  Distract him with a new PlayStation?  But if he were to get the upper hand on Shazam, unfortunately, Billy Batson’s mother was named Marilyn, so he doesn’t hold the key to Batman’s greatest weakness.

Unfortunately, we may not find out the answer anytime soon.  As it stands, Ben Affleck’s Batman isn’t slated to appear in another movie, as Matt Reeves‘The Batman’ will utilize a younger actor and may not even take place in the DC shared universe.  The same goes for Cavill’s Superman as there has been no word on a ‘Man of Steel 2’ in ages and ‘Justice League 2’ was derailed when the first tanked.  But at least one of these heroes will be lighting up the big screen soon…

‘Shazam!’ opens in theaters on April 5, 2019.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment