Are you ready for another sci-fi movie remake? The on-again off-again drama of the remake of the 1976 movie ‘Logan’s Run’ is back on again and this time Joel Silver has announced that the production of the movie will begin sometime next year.

Ever since the 1990’s,talks have been swirling about remaking this Michael York movie about a future society called City of Domes that sends its citizens to the Carousel to undergo a “renewal” when they reach 30 years old. What they don’t know is that renewal is another word for state assisted suicide. Those who run from this ritual are chased by law enforcement officers called Sandman. When it’s Sandman Logan’s turn at the Carousel, he decides to make a run and the chase begins.

The movie is based on the 1967 book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson but in their book, the age for renewal was 21. It’s not known if this remake will be geared more from the book or from the original movie. If  you’ve seen the original film, then you can agree that it is very much dated (the disco ball just screams 70’s) but the concept can still work and an updated version could do very well.

The screenplay is being written by Alex Garland (’28 Days Later’, ‘Dredd’) and Ryan Gosling has been signed on for the lead role. Producer Joel Silver (‘Matrix’) is very excited about the remake stating “We’re trying to do a new way into it that is exciting. For us it’s really all about a filmmaker (and) finding a director for it that has a vision that makes sense.” It looks like Silver has found that director as Nicolas Winding Refn has been contracted to direct. Refn and Gosling have worked together in the movie ‘Drive’ which is out in theaters now and obviously work well together as they will also be together on the Thai-boxing thriller ‘Only God Forgives’ before starting on ‘Logan’s Run.’

If you haven’t seen the movie, check out the trailer below from the original film starring Michael York and featuring Farrah Fawcett.

Since the film is still under development, no release date has been set.